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Elf Academy  by Fiondil
Desperate for employment, six Elves who never left Middle-earth, decide to apply for the one position that is ready-made for them — being Elves. There’s just one catch. A Yule giftfic for all my friends. Rating is for adult themes involving college life. Nai Eru lyë mánata [May Eru bless you]. MEFA 2010: First Place: Modern Times: General.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Daeron’s Great Idea17
Chapter  2: Welcome to the Northern Lights14
Chapter  3: Getting Acquainted11
Chapter  4: Elf Etiquette and Other Lessons 9
Chapter  5: Elf Legends and Legendary Elves12
Chapter  6: So Which One of These Is Rudolph? 13
Chapter  7: How the Rest of the Week Went14
Chapter  8: Conversation In a Café18
Chapter  9: Red Is So Not My Color15
Chapter 10: Winterdark Tarn14
Chapter 11: Interlude6
Chapter 12: The Second Half of the Term Begins8
Chapter 13: ‘Pine Cone’ Is Not an Elvish Name!9
Chapter 14: Into the Wilderness12
Chapter 15: ‘Poor Jud Is Dead’12
Chapter 16: Dear Santa8
Chapter 17: Final Exam13
Chapter 18: Blizzard19
Chapter 19: An Unexpected Encounter15
Chapter 20: The Return of the Elves 33

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