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Shadows of the Past  by Laikwal‚ssÍ
While visiting Mirkwood Lord Elrond remembers a tragedy long ago which had cost many lives and left great despair in itsí wake.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A look back2
Chapter  2: And so it begins0
Chapter  3: the plague0
Chapter  4: shadows of the past2
Chapter  5: what shall we do?0
Chapter  6: journey into darkness2
Chapter  7: hold on3
Chapter  8: Achievements2
Chapter  9: Old habits die hard0
Chapter 10: more troubles2
Chapter 11: desperation2
Chapter 12: one up, one down1
Chapter 13: joy and sorrow1
Chapter 14: forgive me1
Chapter 15: Ada, I love you1
Chapter 16: a light in the dark2
Chapter 17: no way out3
Chapter 18: never lose hope4
Chapter 19: epilogue1
Chapter 20: epilogue 23

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