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Back to Middle Earth BINGO  by Dreamflower
Ficlets and other short pieces written for the 2012 Back to Middle-earth Month Bingo Challenge. New: "B-6: We Call a Man Cold When He Is Only Sad" Sorrow has much to answer for...(Denethor/Finduilas)(Written for B2MeM 2012, but not posted here yet.)A Dribble.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: O-72: Before the Feast2
Chapter  2: N-43: Hey! Hey! It's The Hobbits!5
Chapter  3: N-43: Payback2
Chapter  4: I-22: Bard and the Arkenstone3
Chapter  5: I-22: Heart of the Mountain2
Chapter  6: I-22: Grey Sails at Sunset3
Chapter  7: O-68: Sharkey Arrives at Bag End 4
Chapter  8: B-10: The Birth of Gollum 4
Chapter  9: N-41: The Portrait4
Chapter 10: N-41: While Long Years Were Measured by the Wheeling Stars Above 2
Chapter 11: N-41: Why Hobbits Don't Like Heights4
Chapter 12: B-7: Storm Debris1
Chapter 13: B-7: March 25, T.A. 30192
Chapter 14: N-31: Gone is Gone (the Hobbit Version) 3
Chapter 15: G-51: Ivorwen's Foresight 1
Chapter 16: N-38: Alliance 1
Chapter 17: O-67: Blue Mantle 3
Chapter 18: I-27: Astron Wedding 3
Chapter 19: B-4: Together Always 1
Chapter 20: O-64: Hope Is a Waking Dream 2
Chapter 21: N:32: Tookish Tradition2
Chapter 22: O-62: Ode to Potatoes2
Chapter 23: B-13: Open Eyes1
Chapter 24: B-7: Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds1
Chapter 25: B-6: We Call a Man Cold When He Is Only Sad4

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