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A Long-Expected Wedding  by Fiondil
Their Majesties, Arafinwë and Eärwen, cordially invite you to the Wedding of their son, Findaráto, and Lady Amarië of the Vanyar on Midsummer’s Day... the Wedding everyone’s been waiting for. Let’s hope things go smoothly for the bride and groom. *snicker* Thanks as always to my betas, Alassiel and Ellie.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: In Which Glorfindel Reminisces and Our Tale Begins18
Chapter  2: In Which Invitations are Sent and the Valar are Amused11
Chapter  3: In Which a Conspiracy is Formed and Plans are Laid13
Chapter  4: In Which Information is Gathered and Further Plans are Made7
Chapter  5: In Which Finrod Visits the Royal Kitchens and an Epic Battle Ensues13
Chapter  6: In Which Lies are Revealed and the Doom of Arafinwë Falls Upon Our Heroes14
Chapter  7: In Which the Palace Gets a New Head Cook and Finrod Gets a New Title8
Chapter  8: In Which There is Rebellion in the Ranks and a Trial is Held16
Chapter  9: In Which Apologies are Tendered and Glorfindel Saves the Soup11
Chapter 10: In Which a Menu is Discussed and Glorfindel Goes Fishing10
Chapter 11: In Which Cousins Arrive and There is Further Plotting17
Chapter 12: In Which Rumors Abound and Ingwion Gives Music Lessons7
Chapter 13: In Which the Reborn are Bored and a Tavern Gets Trashed15
Chapter 14: In Which Another Trial is Held and Finrod Faints11
Chapter 15: In Which They Go on a Picnic and Finrod Let’s His Hair Down9
Chapter 16: In Which Sador Arrives and a Dream is Revealed7
Chapter 17: In Which Finrod Makes a Confession and Seating Arrangements are Discussed8
Chapter 18: In Which the Wedding China is Unveiled and Many are Distraught 12
Chapter 19: In Which the Bride Disappears and the Groom Departs16
Chapter 20: In Which Finrod Comes to Lórien and Receives an Early Wedding Gift12
Chapter 21: In Which Three More are Added to the Wedding List and New Seating Arrangements are Made 9
Chapter 22: In Which We Return to Tirion and Finrod Dresses Up15
Chapter 23: In Which Finrod Has Nightmares and Námo Comes to the Rescue17
Chapter 24: In Which Finrod Tells of His Dream and Some Go Shopping6
Chapter 25: In Which Aracáno Drowns and Findecáno Reminisces7
Chapter 26: In Which Nolofinwë is Recognized and There is a Riot11
Chapter 27: In Which There are Family Meetings and the Bride Makes an Appearance 16
Chapter 28: In Which the Bride and Groom Make Up and Arafinwë Breaks Down15
Chapter 29: In Which There are Final Preparations and the Wedding Day Arrives14
Chapter 30: In Which the Couple are Married and Isildil Exacts Revenge15
Chapter 31: In Which the Valar Make an Appearance and There is Yet Another Trial12
Chapter 32: In Which It Rains and Our Tale Comes to an End 18

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