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The Rings of Evendim  by shirebound
King Elessarís visit to his northern capital brings a joyous reunion with the hobbits, and attracts an unexpected delegation from a nearly-forgotten people. An AU "Quarantined" sequel, in which Frodo did not sail West.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Road Less Taken22
Chapter  2: A Royal Welcome18
Chapter  3: The Memorial19
Chapter  4: Legacy of the Ring-bearers20
Chapter  5: Fair Warning11
Chapter  6: The Token12
Chapter  7: Common Ground15
Chapter  8: All That is Gold Does Not Glitter12
Chapter  9: A Fair Exchange13
Chapter 10: Kingly Gifts14
Chapter 11: Blessings Bestowed15
Chapter 12: For Ears to Hear that Can15

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