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Baggins!  by Grey Wonderer
This will be Bilbo and Frodo fictions. In some way or another, each of these chapters will be about one of the Baggins family. Each chapter is a complete story and can be read alone.*****The latest was written for Hobbit_ficathon.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A few words3
Chapter  1: Rumors10
Chapter  2: By His Side7
Chapter  3: An Evening With Bilbo9
Chapter  4: A Toast3
Chapter  5: A Good Use For Punch8
Chapter  6: Hide and Seek With Otho5
Chapter  8: The Whole Story...6
Chapter  9: It's All In The Details13
Chapter 10: The Perils of Leaving the backdoor Ajar...11
Chapter 11: Adventures Foretold10
Chapter 12: A Shared Birthday12
Chapter 13: Barking up the Long Tree7
Chapter 14: Scary Biscuits8

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