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Elf, Interrupted: Book One: Glorfindel Redux  by Fiondil
Glorfindel died... Glorfindel returned to Middle-earth... but what happened to him between these two events? Rating due to high angst level and adult themes, though nothing graphic. This one is for Alassiel, the best beta-mom in all of Arda, because she loves my depictions of the Valar, especially Lord Námo. MPA 2007: 3rd Place: Undying Lands; MEFA 2007: 2nd Place: Drama (Elves in Later Ages).
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Here At the End of All Things11
Chapter  2: Máhanaxar8
Chapter  3: Return to Innocence9
Chapter  4: Progress Reports10
Chapter  5: Endings and Beginnings13
Chapter  6: Awakening6
Chapter  7: Trouble in Paradise8
Chapter  8: Leaving Mandos5
Chapter  9: In the Maze4
Chapter 10: Tea with the Fëanturi 6
Chapter 11: Artelemnar and Sador6
Chapter 12: Lessons in Compassion5
Chapter 13: iAndondi Entulessëo9
Chapter 14: Adjustments5
Chapter 15: An Unexpected Meeting5
Chapter 16: Progress9
Chapter 17: An Elleth Scorned7
Chapter 18: Reflections Before Sleep7
Chapter 19: Return to the Maze6
Chapter 20: Aftermath8
Chapter 21: Netilmírë6
Chapter 22: Bathtime and Bedtime Stories9
Chapter 23: Initiation7
Chapter 24: The Embassy from Tol Eressëa8
Chapter 25: Feasts and Follies11
Chapter 26: The Cost of Kingship11
Chapter 27: Judgment Recalled9
Chapter 28: Judgment Passed9
Chapter 29: Travel Plans5
Chapter 30: Departures7
Chapter 31: Glorfindel Among the Vanyar6
Chapter 32: In the High King's Garden6
Chapter 33: Connecting the Dots13
Chapter 34: A Lesson In Manners8
Chapter 35: Post Mortem7
Chapter 36: A Lesson In Forgiveness9
Chapter 37: An Ancient Lullaby7
Chapter 38: Ingwë Alone7
Chapter 39: Rescue Mission Into the Past8
Chapter 40: Damage Assessment6
Chapter 41: A Slow Recovery10
Chapter 42: An Appointment in Valmar7
Chapter 43: Meeting With the Elder King9
Chapter 44: The Spiral Maze5
Chapter 45: Slipping the Leash5
Chapter 46: A Belated Begetting Day11
Chapter 47: The Will of the Valar7
Chapter 48: Echoes of the Past, Storms of the Present15
Chapter 49: Plots and Counterplots10
Chapter 50: Taken11
Chapter 51: Return to Lórien8
Chapter 52: Nightmare In Broad Daylight7
Chapter 53: Vand' Antaina11
Chapter 54: Language Lessons9
Chapter 55: Vanda Mapaina12
Chapter 56: Repercussions9
Chapter 57: Those Who Guard15
Chapter 58: Friends in High Places8
Chapter 59: Storm Clouds Gathering11
Chapter 60: Sador on Tol Eressëa6
Chapter 61: Family Ties13
Chapter 62: A Familiar Scene7
Chapter 63: Echoes of Judgment9
Chapter 64: Chains of Hate7
Chapter 65: Attack...8
Chapter 66: ...and Counterattack8
Chapter 67: Return to Tirion9
Chapter 68: The Hunt7
Chapter 69: Glorfindel on Taniquetil12
Chapter 70: Hunter and Hunted8
Chapter 71: Formenos8
Chapter 72: Return to Vanyamar6
Chapter 73: Reunion9
Chapter 74: Trial's Beginning5
Chapter 75: A Surprising Turn of Events5
Chapter 76: An Interlude Among Kings3
Chapter 77: Trial's Ending8
Chapter 78: Consequences5
Chapter 79: Return to the Ring of Doom6
Chapter 80: Once Again to Lórien4
Chapter 81: Judgment on a Minor Note5
Chapter 82: Furtherance4
Chapter 83: On the Shore of an Endless Sea7
Chapter 84: Obedience is a Verb5
Chapter 85: The Joy of Serving6
Chapter 86: Losing a Bet, Gaining an Apprentice6
Chapter 87: The Servant-Prince's Oath7
Chapter 88: The Worth of Butterflies5
Chapter 89: A Ceremony Revised7
Chapter 90: After the Ceremony6
Chapter 91: Running With the Wolves6
Chapter 92: Sword-Brother to the Maiar7
Chapter 93: Lessons7
Chapter 94: Vanda Envinyanta8
Chapter 95: Apology and Punishment6
Chapter 96: Mallessë Míretanoron11
Chapter 97: Fallout6
Chapter 98: Further Fallout7
Chapter 99: End-game5
Chapter 100: Míriel and the High King6
Chapter 101: Alassiel and Vorondil8
Chapter 102: Alassiel and Finrod9
Chapter 103: The King of Nargothrond's Squire4
Chapter 104: Camping Out8
Chapter 105: A Gathering of Heroes5
Chapter 106: Catching Up6
Chapter 107: Dyed-in-the-Wool6
Chapter 108: Artaquetta Findaráto as Manwë10
Chapter 109: Further Conversations With the Elder King6
Chapter 110: Putting Glorfindel in the Mood7
Chapter 111: Tea With Balrogs... er... Sugar9
Chapter 112: Dinner and Diversion6
Chapter 113: iArachûd Finrod Aran6
Chapter 114: Reconciliation15
Chapter 115: A Meeting With Parents10
Chapter 116: The New Year's Ball7
Chapter 117: All Elflings Great and Small7
Chapter 118: The Tournament Begins11
Chapter 119: The First Round8
Chapter 120: Interlude with Elflings8
Chapter 121: Fateful Memories9
Chapter 122: Rumors Among the Eldar5
Chapter 123: Rumors Arrested7
Chapter 124: Day Two5
Chapter 125: Slings and Arrows7
Chapter 126: Interview With Elflings4
Chapter 127: Table Talk10
Chapter 128: Disaster On Day Three11
Chapter 129: A Talk With Tulkas11
Chapter 130: Turindil12
Chapter 131: An Afternoon of Shame and Glory11
Chapter 132: Confessions and Confrontations9
Chapter 133: Vorondil On Trial7
Chapter 134: Justice Is Not Healing15
Chapter 135: A Brief Respite5
Chapter 136: The Tournament Resumes8
Chapter 137: Recognition11
Chapter 138: The Reborn Archer's Tale13
Chapter 139: Day of Reckoning11
Chapter 140: Tournament List7
Chapter 141: iQuild' epë iRaumo15
Chapter 142: Songs of Power and Glory35
Chapter Author's Notes: Character List10

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