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Children of Iluvatar  by Antane
A few glimpses of the Ring-bearer and his faithful companion through the eyes of Elrond and Iluvatar. Now complete!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Brothers5
Chapter  2: The Call Answered3
Chapter  3: Affirmation6
Chapter  4: Leavetaking5
Chapter  5: Pinned4
Chapter  6: At the Black Gate7
Chapter  7: The Morgul Vale3
Chapter  8: The Choices of Master Elrond and Master Samwise5
Chapter  9: In The Tower3
Chapter 10: Prayers Answered4
Chapter 11: Captured3
Chapter 12: It Was Then That I Carried You5
Chapter 13: Claim5
Chapter 14: Eucatastrophe3
Chapter 15: Rest3
Chapter 16: A Prayer for Frodo3
Chapter 17: A Gift3
Chapter 18: The Light Beyond2

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