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Stirrings of Shadow  by Fiondil
A sequel to Tâd Edhel a Firion in which Aragorn, as Thorongil, journeys to the court of Edoras to take service with Thengel King. PLEASE NOTE: this story is not written in the same vein as the earlier story. It is much more serious, although there is still humor. Thanks to Alassiel, as always, for the beta-read. MEFA 2007: 1st Place: Adventure (Incomplete).
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Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Arrival in Edoras10
Chapter  2: Running the Gauntlet8
Chapter  3: Pitfalls of Ignorance6
Chapter  4: Punishment10
Chapter  5: Change of Plans10
Chapter  6: Bones of Prophecy9
Chapter  7: Dúnælfenedale16
Chapter  8: Fox and Hounds11
Chapter  9: In the Company of Elves6
Chapter 10: A Midnight Conversation9
Chapter 11: Strategies from the Past4
Chapter 12: Into the Westmark9
Chapter 13: Another Threat Looms5
Chapter 14: Retreat to Helm's Deep5
Chapter 15: Recovery3
Chapter 16: The Scouts Return6
Chapter 17: Confrontation7
Chapter 18: Licweg7
Chapter 19: A Prisoner Freed4
Chapter 20: Dunharrow4
Chapter 21: Plague2
Chapter 22: Ierre12
Chapter 23: Recuperation3
Chapter 24: In Search of a Lost Prince6
Chapter 25: The Secret of Aldburg4
Chapter 26: Lifting the Siege5
Chapter 27: Waiting Game3
Chapter 28: Red Deer and Danger5
Chapter 29: Mysteries Abound4
Chapter 30: Return to Dunharrow2
Chapter 31: A Dunharrow Yule9
Chapter 32: Welcoming Guests6
Chapter 33: The Dúnadan’s Cousin’s Tale7
Chapter 34: Being the First Part of the Elves’ Tale: The Meeting of Friends, the Death of Enemies4
Chapter 35: Being the Second Part of the Elves' Tale: Hunting the Lost5
Chapter 36: Being the Continuation of the Dúnadan Cousin’s Tale: And the Lost Shall Be Found4
Chapter 37: A Confrontation Reprised5
Chapter 38: Scouting the Enemy5
Chapter 39: Æt þone Grundléaslican Landmearcan Ealdorceare4
Chapter 40: Sifting Through the Ruins3
Chapter 41: Leithian5
Chapter 42: Home Are the Hunters6
Chapter 43: Council of War6
Chapter 44: Questions of Risk4
Chapter 45: Infiltrating Upbourn13
Chapter 46: Mithrandir and Isenwulf6
Chapter 47: Rescuing the Hostages4
Chapter 48: War Plans5
Chapter 49: New Life, New Hope7
Chapter 50: Prelude to War4
Chapter 51: And So It Begins6
Chapter 52: What Happened in Upbourn7
Chapter 53: Nú ða æfter Gramfærnesse, nú ða æfter Gebrosgnunge...7
Chapter 54: Unexpected Allies8
Chapter 55: Explanations and Revisions6
Chapter 56: Over the Wall5
Chapter 57: Friends in Low Places3
Chapter 58: What Is Decided2
Chapter 59: Into the Scamelas2
Chapter 60: Tómiddes Sceadwe6
Chapter 61: Riddles and Runes9
Chapter 62: Battle in the Licweg3
Chapter 63: Opening Gambit3
Chapter 64: The Tide Turns4
Chapter 65: Triumph and Tragedy4
Chapter 66: Pearls of Grief 7
Chapter 67: The King’s Justice6
Chapter 68: Storm Warnings5
Chapter 69: The King’s Reward5
Chapter 70: Epilogue: Shadows of the White Wizard16
Chapter Author's Notes: Character List6

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