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Till We Have Faces  by Antane
Written for the LOTR GenFic Community September 2011 "Hit the Books" challenge in which we were given a title of a famous book to use as our title. This is from a book by C.S. Lewis, but otherwise is unrelated. The bunny that came out of this was what if Boromirís funeral boat found the Straight Road and arrived at the Lonely Isle and his body remained incorrupt until after Frodo came. Now Finished! Faramir is also in the story, not so much a physical presence, but he is most definitely here in some chapters.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue5
Chapter  1: Chapter One8
Chapter  2: Chapter Two6
Chapter  3: Chapter Three5
Chapter  4: Chapter Four4
Chapter  5: Chapter Five4
Chapter  6: Chapter Six4
Chapter  7: Chapter Seven4
Chapter  8: Chapter Eight3
Chapter  9: Chapter Nine6
Chapter 10: Chapter Ten3
Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven4
Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve4
Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen5
Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen3
Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen3
Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen3
Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen4
Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen2
Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen3
Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty3
Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One2
Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two2
Chapter 23: Chapter Twenty-Three2
Chapter 24: Chapter Twenty-Four2
Chapter 25: Chapter Twenty-Five2
Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six2
Chapter 27: Chapter Twenty-Seven2
Chapter 28: Chapter Twenty-Eight2
Chapter 29: Chapter Twenty-Nine2
Chapter 30: Chapter Thirty2
Chapter 31: Chapter Thirty-One2
Chapter 32: Chapter Thirty-Two2
Chapter 33: Chapter Thirty-Three3
Chapter 34: Chapter Thirty-Four2
Chapter 35: Chapter Thirty-Five2
Chapter 36: Chapter Thirty-Six2
Chapter 37: Chapter Thirty-Seven3
Chapter 38: Chapter Thirty-Eight4
Chapter 39: Chapter Thirty-Nine3
Chapter 40: Chapter Forty4
Chapter 41: Chapter Forty-One2
Chapter 42: Chapter Forty-Two2
Chapter 43: Chapter Forty-Three3
Chapter 44: Chapter Forty-Four4

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