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'Til Death Do Us Part  by Haleth
An Elf and a down at the heels mortal woman continue their trek across Middle-earth. Chapter 47. Haleth and Cirdan continue their conversation. Haleth discovers something about Inglor.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: On the Road6
Chapter  2: Emyn Beriad4
Chapter  3: An Unconventional Entrance2
Chapter  4: Elostirion5
Chapter  5: Mithlond2
Chapter  6: Revelation4
Chapter  7: A New Task3
Chapter  8: Visitors5
Chapter  9: Dinner Party1
Chapter 10: Boat5
Chapter 11: The View from the Bridge6
Chapter 12: At The River's Mouth6
Chapter 13: Sailing the Gulf of Lhūn4
Chapter 14: 'Til Death Do Us Part9
Chapter 15: The Beginnings of Recollection5
Chapter 16: Explorations5
Chapter 17: Not Quite As Dead As Originally Believed9
Chapter 18: An Ill-fitting Name9
Chapter 19: Lost Horizon4
Chapter 20: Shadows and Recollections3
Chapter 21: Army of One7
Chapter 22: The Road to Valmar9
Chapter 23: The Ring of Doom7
Chapter 24: Family Reunion6
Chapter 25: Looming Disaster6
Chapter 26: The Other Balrog Slayer7
Chapter 27: An Old Friend of the Family6
Chapter 28: An Interminable Banquet6
Chapter 29: The Banquet Terminates7
Chapter 30: Haleth Causes a Diplomatic Incident5
Chapter 31: Woven Past5
Chapter 32: On the Sea8
Chapter 33: Lost and Found4
Chapter 34: Elrond Offers Advice10
Chapter 35: A (Mostly) Pleasant Evening11
Chapter 36: Complications8
Chapter 37: A Brief Conversation5
Chapter 38: A Nice Evening for a Walk (if you don't mind being soaked)6
Chapter 39: Ossė Grows Restless11
Chapter 40: Reality Reasserts Itself7
Chapter 41: A Flock of Gulls4
Chapter 42: A Change of Direction4
Chapter 43: The Voyage to Araman7
Chapter 44: Alqualondė10
Chapter 45: The Ethics of Borrowing11
Chapter 46: A Conversation with the Shipwright8
Chapter 47: Chase and Reveal7

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