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Revolution  by Laikwalâssę
A threat is brewing in Mirkwood King Thranduil refuses to address until it is too late……
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: an unpleasant awakening7
Chapter  2: to turn my world upside down2
Chapter  3: dangerous development3
Chapter  4: darkness, darkness everywhere2
Chapter  5: escape2
Chapter  6: found2
Chapter  7: answers1
Chapter  8: conspirators2
Chapter  9: disturbing news1
Chapter 10: shadow and light1
Chapter 11: haste makes waste2
Chapter 12: in the dead of night1
Chapter 13: a plan is forming1
Chapter 14: a plan is failing1
Chapter 15: a line crossed3
Chapter 16: return2
Chapter 17: despair3
Chapter 18: reunion1
Chapter 19: breaking free3
Chapter 20: playing cat and mouse2
Chapter 21: won and yet lost3
Chapter 22: hope against hope3
Chapter 23: death is too much mercy3
Chapter 24: courage born out of despair3
Chapter 25: emotional roller coaster2
Chapter 26: picking up the pieces2
Chapter 27: the trial2
Chapter 28: celebrations and commendations2
Chapter 29: what goes around, comes around3
Chapter 30: pay-off2
Chapter 31: the fight4
Chapter 32: a new dawn4

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