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B2MeM 2012: A Spirit in Shadows  by Mirach
Gondor in the 4th Age. The Queen has been poisoned, and the King would do anything to save her. Will that be enough? And what about Sauron after the loss of his Ring? As the line between friends and enemies blurrs, Aragorn finds himself in a difficult situation.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: BINGO!0
Chapter  1: The Shadow2
Chapter  2: Another place and time3
Chapter  3: Shadow in Minas Tirith2
Chapter  4: Palantír: Trees1
Chapter  5: Palantír: Elanor1
Chapter  6: Palantír: Silver Fist1
Chapter  7: Palantír: Riddles in the Hall of Fire1
Chapter  8: Palantír: Ring1
Chapter  9: Palantír: The Númenorean1
Chapter 10: Palantír: Smoke1
Chapter 11: Palantír: Loss1
Chapter 12: Palantír: Paths of the Dead1
Chapter 13: Palantír: Returning home1
Chapter 14: Palantír: Heat rising1
Chapter 15: Palantír: Still hot1
Chapter 16: Palantír: Getting colder - Yule1
Chapter 17: Palantír: Númenor1
Chapter 18: Palantír: Traveller1
Chapter 19: Palantír: Love1
Chapter 20: Palantír: What is love?1
Chapter 21: Palantír: Fatherly love1
Chapter 22: Palantír: Fathers and Sons1
Chapter 23: Palantír: Mentors1
Chapter 24: Palantír: Meduseld1
Chapter 25: Palantír: Leathery Wings1
Chapter 26: Palantír: Cousins1
Chapter 27: Palantír: Possibilities1
Chapter 28: Palantír: Creation of Dwarves1
Chapter 29: Palantír: Under the surface1
Chapter 30: Palantír: Stripping1
Chapter 31: Conversations1
Chapter 32: Revelations1
Chapter 33: Poison2
Chapter 34: Mandos1
Chapter 35: Tapestries1
Chapter 36: Tapestries: Ice Skating1
Chapter 37: Tapestries: Thingol and Melian1
Chapter 38: Tapestries: Galadriel1
Chapter 39: Tapestries: Thorondor1
Chapter 40: Tapestries: The Trees of Gondolin1
Chapter 41: Tapestries: Scales of Beauty1
Chapter 42: Tapestries: Darling, can I keep it?1
Chapter 43: Tapestries: Exile1
Chapter 44: Tapestries: The War1
Chapter 45: The Fountain1
Chapter 46: Thorongil1
Chapter 47: Maedhros2
Chapter 48: The Black Blade2
Chapter 49: Fëanor1
Chapter 50: The sons1
Chapter 51: Reuniting1
Chapter 52: Conversations with the dead1
Chapter 53: Conversations with the living1
Chapter 54: Conversations with the Lord of Dead1
Chapter 55: The way home1
Chapter 56: Forgiveness1
Chapter 57: Reasons1
Chapter 58: Purpose4

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