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Elf Academy Part Deux  by Fiondil
One year after Glorfindel and his friends take over the Northern Lights Community College’s Elf Academy, trouble looms. Rating is for adult themes involving college life. My thanks to Alassiel and Ellie for the beta.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Author's Notes1
Chapter  1: Infiltration 25
Chapter  2: Assessment17
Chapter  3: Trouble Looming16
Chapter  4: Settling In13
Chapter  5: Alex’s First Day16
Chapter  6: Field Trips and Nature Walks16
Chapter  7: History Lessons19
Chapter  8: Making Amends13
Chapter  9: Tuesday Night at the Blue Petrel18
Chapter 10: Discussions13
Chapter 11: Decision16
Chapter 12: The ACCU Invades12
Chapter 13: Spies Among Us16
Chapter 14: More Trouble Looming14
Chapter 15: Return to Winterdark Tarn20
Chapter 16: An Awkward Reunion13
Chapter 17: Alex Among the Elves15
Chapter 18: Conversation with a Loremaster12
Chapter 19: The Unmaking of Artemus Gordon Meriwether12
Chapter 20: Dancing in the Rain11
Chapter 21: The Last Picnic of the Season16
Chapter 22: Revelation16
Chapter 23: Reassessing the Situation12
Chapter 24: Out of Memory and Time15
Chapter 25: Delving into the Past15
Chapter 26: The Name Game12
Chapter 27: Café Encounters of the Strange Kind18
Chapter 28: Confrontation14
Chapter 29: Gambit17
Chapter 30: Aftermath15
Chapter 31: The Beginning of Woes18
Chapter 32: Snowed-In21
Chapter 33: Storm Preparations 12
Chapter 34: The Ice Storm Cometh15
Chapter 35: The Storm Continues14
Chapter 36: The Storm Takes its Toll18
Chapter 37: Day Three15
Chapter 38: Casualties of the Storm16
Chapter 39: Night Raid 19
Chapter 40: Explanations20
Chapter 41: A Funeral and a Fight13
Chapter 42: Conversations with the Elves11
Chapter 43: Further Conversations14
Chapter 44: New Orders14
Chapter 45: Dreams and Races12
Chapter 46: Search and Rescue15
Chapter 47: Return17
Chapter 48: Recovery14
Chapter 49: Homecoming14
Chapter 50: Enchanted Pumpkins14
Chapter 51: 51: 67.5 North by 151.6 West12
Chapter 52: A Minor Upset14
Chapter 53: Rendevous at Wild Lake14
Chapter 54: A Tense Moment14
Chapter 55: The Ride Back to Wiseman13
Chapter 56: Getting Acquainted16
Chapter 57: A Walk in the Woods 18
Chapter 58: Trial of the Three Amigos20
Chapter 59: Sneaking into Wiseman15
Chapter 60: ‘And this is my Cousin Larry....’13
Chapter 61: The Elven Tour Guide at the Blue Petrel17
Chapter 62: Explanations and Apologies15
Chapter 63: The Morning After the Night Before12
Chapter 64: After the Game13
Chapter 65: The Three Amigos Go to College9
Chapter 66: The Enemy Within10
Chapter 67: Back at Edhellond11
Chapter 68: Lessons12
Chapter 69: Biding Time8
Chapter 70: Meanwhile, Back at Elf Academy....12
Chapter 71: Monday12
Chapter 72: Kidnapped!14
Chapter 73: Escape!11
Chapter 74: To Santa’s Grotto13
Chapter 75: Elves to the Rescue12
Chapter 76: Endgame14
Chapter 77: Reactions13
Chapter 78: The Next Day11
Chapter 79: Madison and Nate11
Chapter 80: Preparations for a Trial10
Chapter 81: Thanksgiving Day14
Chapter 82: Finrod’s Court9
Chapter 83: Court Continues12
Chapter 84: Court’s Ending12
Chapter 85: Final Resolution14
Chapter 86: Epilogue31

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