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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

In the Aragorn Angst Yahoo Group, weekly prompts are given. The rules are quite simple: tie in the given prompt word in a ficlet less than 500 words. No higher than R, no slash, no Mary Sues. (The word count rule I don't tend to follow that often...)

Though Aragorn is not required in all of them, it is my own personal goal to tie him into every single prompt. So in the following weeks (years, really), you can expect ficlets concerning Aragorn (and many other characters) in many different scenarios. I expect every ficlet will not be above the G or PG rating, and the majority of them will be book-verse with small elements of movie-verse mixed in here and there (not movie events, but perhaps a couple movie-based characteristics... but even then, not that much).

The chapters are labeled in a "Prompt: Fic Title" format, and in the chapter titles I have added which characters participate in the chapter (A, of course, being Aragorn, and vagueness such as "enemies" on purpose).

The challenge started in March 06, and has been going on since then. I have no idea how long these challenges will last, but I will attempt to write a ficlet for every single one of them. In other words, this collection of ficlets will be like the Energizer Bunny: they'll just keep going and going and going. I was going to post these up sooner or later, but Meckinock bullied me into posting them here earlier ;-) Anyways, reviews are much appreciated!

2011 update: I was rather young when I started these prompts, and the first 30 or so are less-than-perfect; they get a bit better after that. I do like these prompts as a bit of a chronology of my improvement as a writer, however, and so they will remain as-is.

Disclaimer: I haven't done one of these in ages... anywho, all canon characters, places, things, and story lines belong to Tolkien and his lovely Estate, any movie elements that may pop up belong to P. Jackson and New Line Cinema, all original characters belong to me, and one day I will buy all rights to Aragorn so I don't have to put up a disclaimer saying I don't own him. Don't worry, I'll share him... maybe. :-)

Chronological Timeline of Stories

Is one of the links wrong or not working? Please leave me a review letting me know which one is busted! Thanks!

Third Age
(For my sanity, this is in Shire Reckoning using our names for the months. Remember that the year began on "2 Yule", ended on "1 Yule", and that each month was 30 days long with 3 days outside the months in between June and July, and the two previously mentioned at the beginning and end of the year).

#31 Touch- Hands

July: #67 Decision- A Safe Haven
July: #59 Secrecy- A New Name

July: #64 Shadow- Brothers

#40 Sick- Wild Child

#70 Green- Healing Herbs

#57 Sky- Gil-Estel

#46 Shy- First Meeting

March: #8 Hidden- Line of Kings
March: #19 Mirror- Heirlooms
March: #12 Time- Forest of Neldoreth
September: #39 Cradle- Looking on the Past
September: #45 Beginnings- Family Reunion
September: #51 Cold- Merendis
November: #24 Dark- Cave-in

#17 Fight- An Average Day

#27 Journey- Down South

#69 Delegation- The Foreign Captain

#53 Buildings- It Is Large

#49 Customs- From the North

January: #22 Water- Fire and Water
March: #32 Stars- Where the Stars are Strange
July: #37 Forest- The Lady of the Wood

April: #2 Rain- Anywhere But Here

May: #41 Road- The Road Home
May: #50 Surprise- The Unexpected
May: #63 Siblings- Reconciliation
October: #3 Riddles- Riddling Games and Riddling Wizards
October: #65 Direction- Advice (Rewrite of #3)

#47 Storm- It Can't Get Any Worse

#11 Hair- Soon

March: #35 Birthday- Everlasting Memories
March: #48 Food- Second Breakfast
March: #52 Wine- Loose Tongues
March: #54 Friendship- A New Name

April: #15 Horses- Horse of the Lady

#18 Shortcut- Through Emyn Muil

January: #7 Alone- Alone in Death
March: #36 Fear- Shadows of the Night
September: #23 Stranger- The Stranger in the Corner
September: #61 Rogue- Stick-at-Naught Strider
October: #21 Home- Thoughts of Home
October: #60 Knife- Morgul-blade
October: #68 Colour- No Purer Gold
October: #16 Trust- Finding Rest
December: #38 Heat- The Forges of Rivendell

February: #26 Duty- East or West?
March: #5 Lack- The Days are Short
March: #9 Experience- Deep Thoughts
March: #34 Enemy- The Palantír
March: #14 Silence- Deafening Silence of the Dark
March: #4 Broken- Fallen
March: #71 Healing- The King's Hands
March: #10 Magic- Hands of a Healer
May: #33 Acceptance- Before the Dawn
May: #6 Outdoors- Old Habits Die Hard
June: #13 Change- Blossom
Lithe: #30 Rest- The Day After Midsummer
July: #42 Peace- The Secret Garden
September: #25 Hunger- A Quick Bite
December: #29 Guest- A Wife's Wrath

April: #73 Garden- New Growth
May: #20 Comfort- Lazy Days 

Fourth Age
Please note that I am using the New Reckoning for this. Each new year starts on T.A.'s March 25th in the New Reckoning, and that the beginning of April (the first month of the year in FA years) was moved to March 26th. March 25th took the place of what was known as 2 Yule in the Shire, and the old March 25th, along with four other dates, did not belong in any months.

January: #72 Life- Birth

#28 Childproof- Terrible Twos

June: #1 Lost- The Quest
August: #43 Cloud- Dragons
September: #58 Prank- Diplomatic Tensions

April: #55 Temper- Toys
October: #62 Celebration- Preparations
February: #66 Wildlife- The Gift

#56 Abandoned- Kitten

February: #44 Gift- Giving Back the Gift


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