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Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!  by Grey Wonderer
This is a series of one-chapter stand-alone stories about the friendship between Merry and his younger cousin, Pippin. *****The latest entry is chapter 59 originally posted to my LJ***Chapter 60 has been here a while.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A little explanation2
Chapter  1: First Impressions7
Chapter  2: A Nasty Turn of Events11
Chapter  3: Merry's Doorway9
Chapter  4: Bucket!9
Chapter  5: Here kitty, Kitty7
Chapter  6: The Cart8
Chapter  7: Going Out6
Chapter  8: Take Your Best Shot9
Chapter  9: A Matter of trust10
Chapter 10: A Soldier's Tale10
Chapter 11: In A tent Somewhere in Hobbiton8
Chapter 12: Thinking Too Much8
Chapter 13: Bug's Life6
Chapter 14: Skirmish10
Chapter 15: Taller?6
Chapter 16: The Story of Poor, Unfortunate Toffin13
Chapter 17: The Wedding Table11
Chapter 18: Snow and Ice10
Chapter 19: To Coin A Phrase...10
Chapter 20: That Charming Brandybuck Lad9
Chapter 21: Hot Water8
Chapter 22: Concerning Ladders5
Chapter 23: Jingle Bells13
Chapter 24: Through the Eyes of Another16
Chapter 25: There are Friends and then there's Merry14
Chapter 26: Fire in the Hole!16
Chapter 27: An Egg of A Different Color (An Easter Story)8
Chapter 28: Important Choices14
Chapter 29: Inside Out13
Chapter 30: A Sticky Situation11
Chapter 31: It Helps To Have A List8
Chapter 32: The Perfect Gift8
Chapter 33: Errol4
Chapter 34: It's No Mystery, Really16
Chapter 35: The Garden Gate17
Chapter 36: The View From the Bank16
Chapter 37: Strike While the Iron is Hot16
Chapter 38: Strange Bedfellows6
Chapter 39: The Tell Tale Took, A Hobbit Halloween story9
Chapter 40: Merry Says15
Chapter 41: Pippin's Night Out6
Chapter 42: Merry's Grandmother7
Chapter 43: Of Squirrels and Stolen Pies13
Chapter 44: Frodo's Room11
Chapter 45: The Importance of Not Being Pippin7
Chapter 46: Eowyn's Seashell4
Chapter 47: The Best Made Plans of Peregrin Took12
Chapter 48: Secrets and Smiles11
Chapter 49: Demand and You Shall Receive19
Chapter 50: Peas11
Chapter 51: A Party of Special Magnificence6
Chapter 52: On A Cloudy Day You Can See6
Chapter 53: The Big Green Bottle18
Chapter 54: Poking The Badger11
Chapter 55: The Measure of a Hobbit14
Chapter 56: The Moment of Truth6
Chapter 57: Courting Disaster10
Chapter 58: Facing The Storm11
Chapter 59: Warming the Bench (newest in the series in spite of posting order)3
Chapter 60: The Adventure Continues19

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