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Elf, Interrupted: Book Two: Glorfindel's Quest  by Fiondil
As the Reborn and the Returnees struggle to find acceptance among the Elves of Aman, Glorfindel sets out to find answers to his own questions, which will ultimately lead him back to Middle-earth. A continuation of Elf, Interrupted: Book One: Glorfindel Redux. As always, my thanks to Alassiel for the beta. Audemars Piguet Replica
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Questions That Need Answers24
Chapter  2: Answers Unforthcoming14
Chapter  3: Truths Unfolding14
Chapter  4: Further Truths Revealed16
Chapter  5: The Question of Glorfindel11
Chapter  6: Meanwhile, in Lórien...7
Chapter  7: The Elfing Brigade12
Chapter  8: A Discussion about Family10
Chapter  9: Playing at World's End14
Chapter 10: Ingwion Epë Valar11
Chapter 11: Ingwion iYánassë Elenion16
Chapter 12: The Hunters Four12
Chapter 13: In Which Finrod Runs Away and Glorfindel Sails Away13
Chapter 14: What the Elder King Revealed10
Chapter 15: What the Pendant Brought12
Chapter 16: Beleg and Butterflies16
Chapter 17: Aftermath12
Chapter 18: Entangled Fëar15
Chapter 19: Recovery11
Chapter 20: The End of the Tournament11
Chapter 21: Reclaiming Elflings14
Chapter 22: The Great Paint Job Incident14
Chapter 23: Discussions Concerning Elflings10
Chapter 24: Misunderstandings15
Chapter 25: Repercussions18
Chapter 26: Waiting for Judgment13
Chapter 27: Onward Towards Judgment11
Chapter 28: Judgment17
Chapter 29: Afterwards14
Chapter 30: By the Shore of an Endless Sea Once More10
Chapter 31: Fana Nírion15
Chapter 32: Cilmë13
Chapter 33: A Conspiracy Amongst Gwedyr12
Chapter 34: Leaving Lórien12
Chapter 35: Misdirection12
Chapter 36: Glorfindel in the Fana Nírion11
Chapter 37: Comparing Notes8
Chapter 38: Hail the Unconquering Heroes!11
Chapter 39: Glorfindel Alone12
Chapter 40: Maia and Mischief10
Chapter 41: The Maiar Strike Back13
Chapter 42: The First Lesson18
Chapter 43: Gardener of Souls14
Chapter 44: Words of Wisdom from the Lord of Mandos9
Chapter 45: Sea-longing12
Chapter 46: What Others Were Doing8
Chapter 47: Illuminating the Past11
Chapter 48: The Second Lesson13
Chapter 49: A Quest Conceived10
Chapter 50: Dark Memory11
Chapter 51: Taurevayari 9
Chapter 52: Hunting Evil 10
Chapter 53: Clearwater Glade18
Chapter 54: Training Days12
Chapter 55: Mornaringwë10
Chapter 56: Return to Tirion11
Chapter 57: Objections Noted12
Chapter 58: Preparations and Problems11
Chapter 59: A Surprise Reunion16
Chapter 60: Finalizing Plans11
Chapter 61: On to Tol Eressëa13
Chapter 62: Glorfindel and Sador and What They Found 13
Chapter 63: Back at the Encampment15
Chapter 64: Meeting the Locals16
Chapter 65: Going to Town13
Chapter 66: Tourists in Tavrobel 12
Chapter 67: Pêl Cuil ’Wain11
Chapter 68: Trouble With Reborn12
Chapter 69: In Search of a Lost Soul11
Chapter 70: At the Blue Dolphin10
Chapter 71: Town Meeting 11
Chapter 72: Reunion With Old Friends10
Chapter 73: Hunting Down Rumors11
Chapter 74: On To Avallónë9
Chapter 75: A Fateful Encounter in Avallónë 8
Chapter 76: The First Day in Avallónë (Part I)9
Chapter 77: The First Day in Avallónë (Part II)7
Chapter 78: Iaun Araw8
Chapter 79: Reaction8
Chapter 80: The Second Day in Avallónë8
Chapter 81: Garden Party8
Chapter 82: A Night of Crisis 10
Chapter 83: Rescue8
Chapter 84: Motives Explained7
Chapter 85: On the Way to Angobel10
Chapter 86: Angobel8
Chapter 87: Preparing to Leave for Kortirion8
Chapter 88: Lady Meril of Cormë Alalvëa4
Chapter 89: Table Talk10
Chapter 90: Kortirion7
Chapter 91: Council Meeting11
Chapter 92: To Keep Estel7
Chapter 93: Return to Aman5
Chapter 94: Going Separate Ways6
Chapter 95: Glorfindel in Alqualondë6
Chapter 96: The Quest Begins7
Chapter 97: Companions on the Road6
Chapter 98: Snowstorm5
Chapter 99: Death on Four Feet11
Chapter 100: Eärendil8
Chapter 101: Old Acquaintances8
Chapter 102: The Meaning of ‘Quest’7
Chapter 103: Reunions in Tirion7
Chapter 104: Consultation with Irmo8
Chapter 105: Consultation with Manwë9
Chapter 106: Waiting Game7
Chapter 107: Delegation7
Chapter 108: Arrival in Valmar10
Chapter 109: Visiting with Lord Námo6
Chapter 110: Findings7
Chapter 111: An Audience with the Valar8
Chapter 112: Gurthalion’s Demons8
Chapter 113: Enquiry11
Chapter 114: Repercussions of an Oath8
Chapter 115: Lunch with Elflings7
Chapter 116: Family Reunion10
Chapter 117: Revelation8
Chapter 118: Uncle Vondo8
Chapter 119: A Gathering of Delegates9
Chapter 120: At the Reception in Tirion7
Chapter 121: The Winter Solstice Ball7
Chapter 122: The Winter Solstice Council Opens7
Chapter 123: The First Session: Morning6
Chapter 124: The First Session: Afternoon12
Chapter 125: A Snowy Respite10
Chapter 126: The Council Continues7
Chapter 127: Vondo in Valmar10
Chapter 128: Meanwhile... Back in Aewellond5
Chapter 129: Lessons on Innocence5
Chapter 130: A Change of Plans9
Chapter 131: Lord Eärendil Weighs In11
Chapter 132: A Peaceful Interlude7
Chapter 133: An Evening’s Discussion7
Chapter 134: A Trial Is Convened15
Chapter 135: The Valar on Trial10
Chapter 136: The Elder King’s Defense6
Chapter 137: Trial’s Aftermath5
Chapter 138: Reflections16
Chapter 139: Further Reflections12
Chapter 140: Eärendil Proposes, Manwë Disposes12
Chapter 141: After the Council6
Chapter 142: Sador8
Chapter 143: Departure6
Chapter 144: Sador’s Investiture8
Chapter 145: A Releasing of Oaths8
Chapter 146: An Oath Received11
Chapter 147: Reunions (Part One)12
Chapter 148: Reunions (Part Two)11
Chapter 149: Epilogue: Return to Middle-earth27
Chapter 150: Appendix: Gemstones and Their Meanings1
Chapter Author's Notes: Character List9

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