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My Collection of Drabbles   by Periantari
Drabbles (100 to 300 word ficlets) Character ranges from hobbits to wizards to men to dwarves to elves. 1/15 update- Faramir drabble 1/18- Faramir drabble for "Changing of the Year" challenge 2/6 "Constant Vigilance"- Turin Turumbar 2/22 "The First Seeds of Sorrow"-Turin, 2/24 "Repentance Shunned"-Turin 3/12/23 rest of my Turin series "Master of Doom" 3/13/24- "Beacon" drabbles- Finduilas (First Age), Beregond NEW 3/29/24 Tribble "A Sign of Hope"
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Fading (Frodo)2
Chapter  1: Amidst the Darkness (Frodo&Glorfindel)2
Chapter  2: Cerin Amroth (Aragorn)2
Chapter  3: Deceptive Uncertainty (Merry)3
Chapter  4: Feelings of Guilt (Pippin)3
Chapter  5: “No More Despair” (Eowyn&Theden)2
Chapter  6: Touched by Frost (Eowyn)1
Chapter  7: Mordor (Sam)1
Chapter  8: Here at the End of All Things (Frodo&Sam)2
Chapter  9: At the Black Gate (Gandalf)1
Chapter 10: Praise them with Great Praise (Aragorn)1
Chapter 11: At This Moment (Frodo)1
Chapter 12: In Debt to His Mercy (Saruman)1
Chapter 13: Unforgiven (Saruman)1
Chapter 14: No Words (4 hobbits)1
Chapter 15: Hope Once Again (Frodo)1
Chapter 16: Inevitability (Frodo)1
Chapter 17: Gone (Samwise)1
Chapter 18: Fate (Bilbo)2
Chapter 19: Tears and Hope (Rosie &Sam)1
Chapter 20: 'Luthien come again upon earth'1
Chapter 21: Farewell to Lorien Part 1 (Frodo)1
Chapter 22: Farewell to Lorien Part 2 (Sam)1
Chapter 24: And In Dreams (Frodo)1
Chapter 25: The Tides of Fate are Flowing (Frodo)1
Chapter 26: Temptation (Frodo)1
Chapter 27: At First Sight (Faramir)1
Chapter 28: Back Again (Bilbo & Frodo)1
Chapter 29: He Would Never (Sam)1
Chapter 30: Peace at Last (Frodo)2
Chapter 31: Soothing Balm for your Soul (Fellowship)1
Chapter 32: Always Here (Merry&Pippin)2
Chapter 33: Color Amidst Darkness (Frodo)1
Chapter 34: To the Sea (Sam)1
Chapter 35: The Shadow Has Departed (Merry)1
Chapter 36: Resolved (Pippin)2
Chapter 37: The Coming of a New Day (Bilbo&Frodo)1
Chapter 38: The Time Has Come (Aragorn)1
Chapter 39: Choice (Legolas)1
Chapter 40: Till the Bitter End (Merry)2
Chapter 41: See it Through (Sam)1
Chapter 42: It is a Gift (Boromir)1
Chapter 43: Fate (Frodo)1
Chapter 44: Proving Worth (Gimli)1
Chapter 45: The Smallest Person1
Chapter 46: Responsibility (Gandalf)1
Chapter 47: Beautiful Moment (Primula, Drogo, Frodo)1
Chapter 48: Smiley (Frodo&Pippin)1
Chapter 49: More Beautifuller Still (Frodo,Sam, Elanor)1
Chapter 50: The Ships Have Come to Carry You Home (Frodo)1
Chapter 51: Rethe 1436 (Sam, Elanor, King Elessar)1
Chapter 52: The Best News (Frodo&Bilbo)2
Chapter 53: All Hallows Night (Ranger)2
Chapter 54: Together Again (Rosie)1
Chapter 55: Too Early (Sam and Bell Gamgee)1
Chapter 56: The Best Medicine (Frodo, his parents, Bilbo)1
Chapter 57: Aragorn's Choice1
Chapter 58: Weathertop Drabble Series2
Chapter 59: Debate (Gollum)2
Chapter 60: Belonging (Frodo)3
Chapter 61: Respect (Aragorn)3
Chapter 62: Something Stirs Within (Bilbo)3
Chapter 63: “He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” (Thorin)2
Chapter 64: Doubt (Thorin)2
Chapter 65: Surprise (Thorin)2
Chapter 66: “I will not risk the quest for the life of one burglar.” (Thorin)2
Chapter 67: “it’s just an acorn…I found it in Beorn’s garden.”3
Chapter 68: “I am so sorry Bilbo, I wish to part in friendship.”3
Chapter 69: In Memoriam (Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin)3
Chapter 70: Hope Fails (Frodo&Sam)1
Chapter 71: Not a Nightmare (Faramir)2
Chapter 72: Lunar Thoughts2
Chapter 73: Hope Renewed (Bilbo)2
Chapter 74: If He Had Never (Frodo)2
Chapter 75: Five Times Gandalf was Impressed by Hobbits3
Chapter 76: Hopeless (Sam)2
Chapter 77: An Uneasy Consensus (Frodo&Gollum)2
Chapter 78: Too Late for Regret (Denethor)2
Chapter 79: Unwavering Loyalty (Merry)2
Chapter 80: Whatever it takes (Pippin)2
Chapter 81: Bronwe athan Harthad 1
Chapter 82: Harthad Uluithiad1
Chapter 83: All Her Choices1
Chapter 84: Realizations (Frodo)2
Chapter 85: Grief3
Chapter 86: Keeping Despair Away (Faramir)2
Chapter 87: Unexpected2
Chapter 88: The Darkest Hour2
Chapter 89: Innocence Lost1
Chapter 90: Empty Promises2
Chapter 91: To Love and to Heal You3
Chapter 92: Turning Point2
Chapter 93: Undue Influence1
Chapter 94: Sometimes2
Chapter 95: Extra Ordinary1
Chapter 96: One Too Many Times1
Chapter 97: First Sight1
Chapter 98: End of the Game1
Chapter 99: False Hope1
Chapter 100: Your Heart's Desire (Drabble series)2
Chapter 101: Alone (Wormtongue)2
Chapter 102: Strength of a Different Kind (Faramir &Pippin)2
Chapter 103: Through the Rain (Sam/Rosie)3
Chapter 104: Your Heart's Desire (Faramir)2
Chapter 105: When All Other Lights Go Out (Sam)3
Chapter 106: Even in the Darkest Moment (Faramir)1
Chapter 107: First Snow (Pippin)1
Chapter 108: Enchanted (Elboron)1
Chapter 109: Shadow and a Hope (Faramir/Eowyn)1
Chapter 110: In the Mood (Faramir/Eowyn)1
Chapter 111: Challenge (Frodo)1
Chapter 112: It's Been a While (Sam/Rosie)1
Chapter 113: Did You Not Know? (Merry/Estella)1
Chapter 114: Good Ol' Rest (Sam)3
Chapter 115: Well-Deserved Rest (Faramir)2
Chapter 116: Past the Winter's Snow2
Chapter 117: Constant Vigilance (Turin)1
Chapter 118: The First Seeds of Sorrow (Turin) 1/51
Chapter 119: Repentence Shunned (Turin) 2/50
Chapter 120: Master of Doom or Doom Mastered (3 drabbles) (Turin)0
Chapter 121: Promise (Finduilas First Age)0
Chapter 122: No Matter What End (Beregond)2
Chapter 123: A Sign of Hope (Faramir/Eowyn)2

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